Thursday, December 2, 2010


  Simple questions Why does congress treat themselves like they are above the law, better than us.? How is it that congress can pass laws that we must follow but they do not.?Why must we pay social security taxes and congress gets a much better retirement than we do? How can congress pass a healthcare bill for us and they have their own , special healthcare program. How can congress break laws and not be treated like we are?. How is that congress can sell their votes to special interests and say they did not? How can congress give special breaks to companies in their district and not apply them to all similar companies in all districts.?What ever happened to "by the people and for the people"?

  These people are not our representatives. They are the self anointed elite who have the power to affect all of our lives. Yes we have the power to vote them out of office, only to be replaced by more of the same.How do we win?

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