Tuesday, January 4, 2011


The new congress starts tomorrow and they are proposing a 100 billion cut in spending for some discretionary spending including education. There is already outrage at such drastic proposals.

  Get used to it. A 100 billion cut is tiny compared to our overall spending of 3.2 trillion.It is not drastic at all, it just upsets special interests. They are talking about laying off 40000 teachers.Why not lay off the bloated administrators who are not actually in the classroom.? The reason we hear teachers instead of administration is that no one gets upset when administrators get laid off but they do when teachers get let go.

  If this congress is serious about cutting spending , and I think they are , then we will be seeing a lot more arguing, finger pointing and scare mongering. Do not be miss led, the real and only fear is that our debt will bring us down.



  Did you know that airport managers are not happy with TSA and have the option to opt out and have a private firm take over. Many airports are opting out and can not wait to give the business to private industry. Their reasons are unhappy travelers, no accountability,bloated and inept management,no response to complaints , inability to terminate poorly preforming employees, and inability to adjust working hours to load resulting in longer delays.

  Are there any surprises here? Think US postal Service and most other government run agencies. We keep trying the same thing again and again and still get the same results. By definition we are idiots.

Monday, January 3, 2011


  Welcome to the 212th congress. We just want to make certain that you got our message. We do not approve of the direction our country is heading and are very upset at the job done by previous congresses. We are drowning in national debt. We want economic growth and the jobs that come with it. We demand that you fix this mess.

  We know that the federal debt is what is holding this country back and we expect you to fix it. We know that we all will have to sacrifice and are prepared to do so as long as you spread the sacrifice evenly. We accept that you will have to make cuts in sacred programs and may have to eliminate some departments which have not performed.We also accept that you will have to speed up bringing our troops home. We even anticipate that you may have to increase taxes eventually.But we expect you to balance the budget,reduce the debt,and spend our money  wisely.

  You must change your ways. We will not tolerate political bickering and attacks and will not accept the blame game anymore. You will have to learn to compromise and quit pandering to special interests and the extreme wings of your party which do not represent the views of those who elected you. You all ran with a R or D next to your name ,but you were elected by voters who have an" I" next to their name. Fail us and we will initiate our own form of term limits . Thank you and good luck.


A new pole today shows that 61 % favor raising taxes on the rich to cut the deficit. And 20 % say cut defense spending ,4 % medicare and 3 % social security. Wow  these people are ignorant. The attitude is cut the deficit but don't use  my money.

  The deficit is 1.3 trillion. Raising taxes on the rich back to the Clinton era levels raises revenue 90 billion. So how do these idiots think we will come up with the other 1.2 trillion? Cut defense will almost do it if we cut it by 100%.

  Big sunrises are coming.


Thursday, December 30, 2010


 Have you noticed the trend after each economic slowdown? As the economy starts to recover and then does , it is usually referred to as a " jobless recovery " That is what has been happening and it will continue. When the economy slows businesses  cut back to take a defensive position. They then look for ways to improve productivity. This often results in ways to work smarter which includes better technologies . Then as the economy improves they find that they can grow too but without needing to revert to the employment levels that existed pre slowdown. The result is that business can grow without hiring. This is good for the business and the stockholders but not so for people looking for a job.

  The way for employees to participate is by improving their skills and knowledge but unfortunately we do not have a good national program in place to make this happen and the result is that we get increasing unemployment levels among the less educated . The level of unemployment among high school dropouts is 17 % and it will change little as the economy does improve.As a country we need to increase and improve the level of education of the younger generation but we have a school system that fails them.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Poor Charlie has problems. As you recall he was found guilty on twelve counts of ethics violations and this ran up a big legal bill which has not been completely paid off. Now it seems he has to hire new lawyers to defend himself on another charge of using PAC money to partially pay his legal bills from the earlier defense.

  So to get this straight, he broke rules and laws and illegally used Pac,  read other peoples money , to defend himself and now has a legal defense fund , read other peoples money to defend himself for using other peoples money. I guess he has no understanding of personal responsibility but then why should he, he is a congressman.

 If you feel moved to help poor Charlie send your money to   Poor Charlie ,  #6 Irresponsible Way, Government  Criminal Dept. , Defend The Idiot Chairman, Washington District of Criminals USA.

Monday, December 20, 2010


  We all know that the deficit is a major threat to our future. The new tax bill will only makes it worse.  The bill reduces federal revenues and expands spending and the deficit grows even faster. Yes, the tax bill has something for everyone and will no doubt add a boost to the economy but the resulting growth will not be enough to have a positive affect on the deficit..

  We can not grow out of the problem. If we do not see sweeping moves in the new congress to attack the debt head on, we will stall growth again , our credit will be downgraded, and we will be further down the path to becoming a second rate economy. Think Greece, England, France , Spain ,Ireland . We could end up looking up to them.They have made drastic moves to cut spending. We have not,  yet.