Tuesday, December 14, 2010


 The lame duck congress is winding up business .Today they are trying to push through what is called an omnibus spending bill which is to fund the cabinets for the next budget year which actually started in october without a budget. This bill is 1900 pages , which means no one knows the entire contents.It is for 1.27 trillion in spending compared to total revenues of 2.5 trillion.The outrageous part is that it also contains 8 billion in earmarks. Yes the things we have heard the  " new " congress will eliminate.Most came from the left , the same people who debated so vigorously about tax cuts. The rest came from lame duck idiots.

  So to get this straight, Congress spends months debating tax cuts and DODT , then wants to pass in a day or two a huge spending bill which will consume half their revenue, which no one has read ,the public has not seen , should have been done months ago, by people who add special add ons ,which they said they would not do anymore,for projects few want and voted on by people will be out of office in a week or two.

  Is this a sensible way to run a country?Is there no shame?

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