Thursday, December 9, 2010


  Why is a big wind farm in texas a bad idea? This is complex and maddening. First the contracting will be done by a Chinese co. The three hundred turbines will be made by A-Power. This company is new ,has never made a turbine , and got it's technology from GE.A-Power is in China !!!.

   The wind farm , Spinning Star, will be 51 % owned by four business men who will have put up no investment. They are working to get loan guarantees from the Dept. of Energy [taxpayer ]and 450 million in our stimulus money!!!

  So how is it possible that the taxpayer spends 450 million dollars to import products from China , guarantees a loan over one billion dollars for four men who own half the business and have no financial stake? It is political payback again.These four men have been among the top donors to the democratic party. Two have spent many nights in the Whitehouse. Their spearhead to get this done is , you guessed it, Harry Reid.

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