Friday, December 3, 2010


  I get very upset when the poor claim that they are poor because the rich get richer. The reasoning seems to be that the pie is only so big and if the rich get richer ,then they get more of the pie so therefore there is less for the poor. But it doesn't work that way. Our free economic system has the capacity to make the pie grow in size so that all can get a bigger piece.

  I know we have a progressive tax system that attempts to redistribute wealth but it is not very successful. Do the poor really think that if the rich get poorer, that they will get richer? Will taxing the rich put more riches in the hands of the poor? It just does not work that way.

  We hear that the middle class is shrinking and this is not good for the country.This is not because the rich took from the middle class. My guess is that some of the middle class moved up to the rich status. And, some fell from the middle class because they do not have the the education or skills to keep pace in todays economy. This is no longer an economy where a high school dropout , nor a high school grad  can reach the middle class without special skills or training. And of course there are those who can earn a middle class income but will remain poor because they can not manage their money. If you are poor , do not blame the rich,they will still be rich and you will be poor.Get yourself an education and manage your resources and you too can improve your status.


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