Wednesday, December 15, 2010


     I am referring to the war between the white house and corporate America. Since the election the relationship between the two has been hostile . I have been saying that one of the reasons that our economy has been stuck is the bad relationship between the white house and some of the liberal left of congress with corporate America.Corporate America will not invest and hire under an environment of uncertainty and part of that has been the attitude of the president towards corporate America. In the past he has stated that profit [ greed] is evil and the pursuit of profits is a less honorable than public service.

  Today the president met with 20 members of American industry to make peace and to find a way to work together to promote investment and jobs. Yes the 20 representatives invited were mostly friendly to the administration, and those most hostile were not invited. However those who attended were quite upbeat about the meeting and this could be really good news for the economy.The big difference from previous meetings is that this time " the  president listened , did not lecture , and really seemed engaged."

 If the president is sincere,and I hope he is, this could be a new beginning of government and private business working together to point us in the right direction. After all, government does not create jobs, private business does, and it needs the government to create an environment conducive to creating jobs. Maybe just maybe this will happen and we will all benefit. 

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