Wednesday, December 1, 2010


    The deficit commission has proposed a gas tax increase.People will complain about it no doubt.But.

  We are spoiled rotten and our government is broke. We have the best road system in the world,but need four wheel drive and big vehicles ,usually  with one occupant. I know, a better public transportation will help. We also pay some of the lowest fuel prices in the non producing world. US gas about $2.60 versus Europe at about $7.50. And we send about a billion dollars a day to producing countries.

  A higher gas tax, say $1.00 per gallon makes good sense. The part that is most appealing is that it is a semi voluntary tax. We have some choice in the matter. We can buy more fuel efficient cars, take public transportation,car pool,consolidate trips,etc. It is also better for the environment.It will help speed the conversion to natural gas which is more friendly to the environment and abundant in our country which creates more jobs here and keeps more US dollars at home. A $1.00 tax per gallon will generate about 150billion dollars to a broke government which can put it towards debt reduction.

  What is the reason this has not been done already? Our politicians are too afraid to upset the spoiled electorate.

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  1. Timmie: But all the tea-party people said they wouldn't raise taxes. Around here where I live in Northern Kentucky gas prices went up today 25cents since yesterday. I have a thery one the gas dealers know when Social Security Checks come out and old people feel their tanks on those days and they know when the kids are out of school and raise it when they know people are going to be taking trips home to grandmas. My social security check came in this morning and yesterday gas was 2.75 this afternoon it was 2.90
    I know we don't pay near what they pay in Europe and our roads are a mess, We could create a lot of jobs just replacing roads instead of patching them and then as soon as the weather turns bad the patches come up. Congress needs to get out of Washington and see what the roads of this country really look like and not from 30,000 feet we could put alot of people back to work which would produce more taxes and get out of this mess that they helped get us into.