Saturday, November 27, 2010


    Most Americans supported invading Afghanistan  and most do not support our presence there 9 years later and with good reason.

   Right after 9-11, we learned that the ragtag group of Bin Ladens loyalists,Al-Qaeda,  were responsible.What most people do not know is that it took several months to invade Afghanistan. Before the invasion 12 secret forces, 12 CIA agents ,and 14000 mounted tribesmen ,with minor air support were able to put Al-Qaeda and the Taliban out of business which made the invasion anticlimactic and.not necessary.

  Today we have 100000 troops in Afghanistan . Why? Our mission was to defeat Al-Qaeda. Guess what? There are less than 100 Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. So why do we need to have 100000 troops going after 100 crazy guys? But, the mission has CHANGED. Our president has stated "we will take the war to the taliban " This is a different and hopeless mission.

   The Taliban are a group of very mean , radical Islamic extremest, opportunists. They have been trying to take control of Afghanistan, a country that has NEVER had a central government, since the Russians left.We will be as successful in eliminating the Taliban as we were eliminating the Viet Cong.


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  1. I agree wholeheartedly Tim that we should be getting out of both wars sooner rather than later but since the title of this blog implies we are fighting a wrong war which one should we be fighting then? Maybe war against the deficit? To do that we need to cut spending across the board: Social Security, Medicare, Healthcare and the sacred cow: DEFENSE. We spend more on defense than all other countries on the planet combined. Didn't Eisenhower warn against the dangers of the military industrial complex? Oh...I almost forgot we need to raise taxes on everybody and we need a gasoline tax and use that tax to help pay down the deficit and invest in the development of greener fuel technology so we don't send our boys and girls "over there" to protect our "interests".