Tuesday, November 30, 2010


 The president announced a proposed two year pay freeze for federal employees. A good first step ,but probably more political in motive, which will theoretically cut expenditures 2 billion a year.But we all know they will find ways to skip around this freeze and actual savings will be much less.

  The military are exempt from the freeze as they should be. But for some reason the USPS is also exempt and this makes no sense at all other than political.The USPS employees 630000, and lost 8.6 billion dollars this year,so why do they deserve a raise instead of a pay cut.? It is not a bad job. Starting pay is $19 per hour,there is liberal vacation and sick leave benefits. They get free health care,and defined retirement. They get a much better package than in the private sector. And all of this to deliver junk mail that goes from the USPS to the trash.

  Lets get serious, sell the USPS to private the private sector. We don't want pay freezes, we want less government employees.

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