Monday, November 29, 2010


  Tuesday the congress leaders and the president will meet to discuss the Bush tax cuts and the deficit. They will probably announce a  " successful " meeting agreeing to get serious about the deficit and vowing to reach a compromise. That will probably all change on Wednesday when the deficit reduction commission releases its suggestions, which have been outlined last week.

  There will be a lot of bickering and finger pointing and public outrage over the proposals.The left will promise to protect social security and medicare and the right will insist on extending the Bush tax cuts for the rich and not taxing gasoline more.

  There will probably be no winners.I hope I am wrong but we will just get more of the same,with halfhearted results that will not make a serious impact on the deficit and both sides proclaiming to have "fought" for us. Unfortunately we will all be losers.The deficit will not go down and neither will unemployment.

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