Thursday, November 18, 2010


  Everyone likes to blame , especially for the housing bubble and subsequent financial and economic collapse. Sure ,greed played a big role ,and we love to point out wall street , big banks , and CEO ' s  , their bonuses' and they should share in the blame but are not the worst player in the bunch.

  Yes wall street got bailed-out  but surprise, for the most part have paid back the loans with interest.The real villain though is FREDDIE  and  FANNIE. It is CONGRESS that runs these two culprits and sets their rules and bails them out , even thought not required by law to do so. They have consumed over 500 billion dollars of our money and need more.This is way more than wall street banks " borrowed "

  Congress loves it that we blame Bush, the left, the right , the rich ,corporate America etc. This diverts the real blame from them. And , by the way, those who are upset about corporate  bonuses may like to know that CONGRESS paid the CEO's of FREDDIE AND FANNIE  six million dollars each for their performance in bringing us down. Go figure.!!!

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