Tuesday, November 23, 2010


  Ireland has to borrow one pound for every four it spends: 25%

  The US has to borrows  33% of every dollar it spends.

 So exactly which country is in fiscal trouble ?

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  1. We're in deep doodoo and most of us don't know it. Donald Trump has been making some pretty persuasive arguments lately. Free trade isn't free. The Chinese can't believe what we let them get away with. They can dump absolutely anything and everything in our country but have multiple walls of protection against our products but steal our ideas and sell them back to us. The reason this is happening is that some American companies are making a lot of money doing this and have powerful lobbyists in the hall of government greasing lawmakers pockets to let them keep doing this to the detriment of the American economy. We cannot complete with Chinese cheap labor and the trade imbalance we allow to continue because we need their (Chinese) money to finance our wars! We need a system overhaul. A powerful third party would help! The Tea Party has some good ideas but they are bogged down by people who are more interested in advancing their social agenda.