Friday, October 22, 2010


  Our politicians want us to believe that they want to reduce the deficit.We all know that it is critical to our economic future but when the tough times arrive to actually do something they all run for cover.Both parties are equally guilty.
  Case in point. Defense secretary Gates has been charged with a plan to reduce his budget by 100 billion dollars which is significant.His first target, to close the Joint Forces Command in Norfork Va. as it is not critical and is duplicated elsewhere.This closure would save 240 million dollars a year and put 6000 people out of work.So then the Virginia congressmen and senators ,members of both parties , mount a protest to stop the closure claiming the base is critical to defense, but of course we all know it is only critical to their own jobs.They are in favor of reduced expenses, but not in their district.
  And here is another example of politicians protecting their jobs at our own expense.The Army needed to increase their air lift capacity and ordered 180 C-17 airplanes which were delivered by 2007 at which time the army closed the order because they had sufficient capacity and needed the funds elsewhere. Yep,you guessed it.Congress decided the army needed more airplanes and continued the contract through 2010 for another 10 billion dollars.
  The congress and senate ,from both parties,are acting only in their own interests and not ours.Who is better positioned  to manage the military budget,congress or the Sec. of Defense.? If we want a secure future this crap has got to stop and the only answer I have for how to do so is term limits. I think the army should use those extra planes to airlift congress and the senate to a remote island and leave them there.

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