Wednesday, October 27, 2010


  My opponent raided social security to pay for xxx  -    Social security has been raided since LBJ. All social security goes into general funds.

  My opponent will cut your social security   -  We have no choice  Its a ponzi scheme ready to collapse.

  My opponent voted for the largest deficit in history   - They all did,its that or shut down the government.

  My opponent voted to ship jobs to China  -   There was no such bill.If true, then why haven't they voted to bring them back?

  My opponent voted for tax loopholes for corporations that ship jobs off shore -   No such bill existed or exists today.

  I will create American jobs.   -   Congress can not create jobs, recent events prove this.Congress can create an environment that encourages job growth but has done the opposite.

 I will stop wasteful spending  -   Yea sure. Congress has promised this for years and it just gets worse.

 My opponent voted to bail out wall street   -  The TARP bill was necessary to prevent financial collapse. Most of the money went to FANNIE and FREDDY ,and a lot more will.  The biggest recipient of tax payer dollars to two institutions run by congress. Actual wall street banks have repaid the money, FANNIE and FREDDY will not ,we pay.

  My opponent gave big tax breaks to the rich  -   Every income group got a tax break the biggest percentage reductions went to the lower groups.

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