Sunday, October 31, 2010


   Its not a typo or age.

  Take a close look at how the last two presidents governed .Bill Clinton actually embraced traditional  republican views ; free trade,NAFTA,welfare reform,balanced budget.He abandoned health care reform when he saw the voters didn't want it.

  Bush governed more along traditional democratic lines,huge tax and spend [without the taxes],huge deficits,big tax cuts for the middle and lower class, big social programs and a new, massive, unfunded ,very costly add on to medicare. He even installed a tariff on some imported steel as a payback to West Virginia but it cost jobs here and later rescinded it.

  I just voted and  I voted for the candidate not the party. For our congressman and senator I went to their web sites and read their positions on the issues giving higher preference to  the ones with the least amount of political experience. Result  one R vote , one D vote. So if you insist on voting strictly by party, you may get the opposite of what you were expecting.

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