Monday, October 11, 2010


 I am very offended by the political adds that are now reaching their peak.It drives me nuts and I sure hope most feel the same.I  hope we all know that they are distortions at best and lies at worst. They are intended to play on our emotions and have the underling assumption that Joe voter is an uniformed,ignorant,low I.Q,easily influenced easily frightened idiot.
  Tonight I watched two adds that claimed the opponent;
            . voted to send jobs to China    .voted for a runaway debt      .paid for the debt by raiding social security  .wants to make social security illegal  .wants to put old people in jail for collecting social security[it even shows a little old lady behind bars]

  So does anyone believe this crap.When was that bill voted on that legislated to send jobs to china?Was there a separate bill to send jobs to mexico or was it a rider?.When will we vote on the bill to send jobs to india. and why isnt there a bill to bring jobs back here? Wouldnt it be cheaper to pay grandma social security than to incarcerate her? Haven't we been raiding social security since LBJ? Get the point?

 The sad fact is that they must give results since we see them every election cycle and  they spend so much money on them. This being the case then we must conclude that our politicians have as  low opinion  of us  as we do of them and I approve this message.

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