Monday, January 3, 2011


  Welcome to the 212th congress. We just want to make certain that you got our message. We do not approve of the direction our country is heading and are very upset at the job done by previous congresses. We are drowning in national debt. We want economic growth and the jobs that come with it. We demand that you fix this mess.

  We know that the federal debt is what is holding this country back and we expect you to fix it. We know that we all will have to sacrifice and are prepared to do so as long as you spread the sacrifice evenly. We accept that you will have to make cuts in sacred programs and may have to eliminate some departments which have not performed.We also accept that you will have to speed up bringing our troops home. We even anticipate that you may have to increase taxes eventually.But we expect you to balance the budget,reduce the debt,and spend our money  wisely.

  You must change your ways. We will not tolerate political bickering and attacks and will not accept the blame game anymore. You will have to learn to compromise and quit pandering to special interests and the extreme wings of your party which do not represent the views of those who elected you. You all ran with a R or D next to your name ,but you were elected by voters who have an" I" next to their name. Fail us and we will initiate our own form of term limits . Thank you and good luck.

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