Tuesday, January 4, 2011


The new congress starts tomorrow and they are proposing a 100 billion cut in spending for some discretionary spending including education. There is already outrage at such drastic proposals.

  Get used to it. A 100 billion cut is tiny compared to our overall spending of 3.2 trillion.It is not drastic at all, it just upsets special interests. They are talking about laying off 40000 teachers.Why not lay off the bloated administrators who are not actually in the classroom.? The reason we hear teachers instead of administration is that no one gets upset when administrators get laid off but they do when teachers get let go.

  If this congress is serious about cutting spending , and I think they are , then we will be seeing a lot more arguing, finger pointing and scare mongering. Do not be miss led, the real and only fear is that our debt will bring us down.


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