Saturday, August 21, 2010

Why Post This Blog ?

Why Am I doing This ?

    I am an American first. I love this country and the principals it was founded upon.I care deeply about the future of this country.We have been the envy of the rest of the world which might have something to do with why there are those who dislike us and want to see us fail. Lately we have not done a very good job of projecting the right image not just from foreign involvement but through our own internal mishaps.

  I feel that our country has fallen of course and is headed to the wrong place where we may no longer be so proud of ourselves.I am very upset with what has been happening to our country and truly fear the possible future for ALL of us.

 Yes  I do wish I could make a meaningful change in our course but am realistic to know that I can do little to do so short of voting responsibly,contributing to candidates and attempting to inform others .I realize that it is almost impossible to get others who are committed to their point of view to actually change but sometimes I enjoy the debate .And there is always the chance that people,who may not have a strong position may be swayed by my point of view .

  But my real reason,my hidden agenda is that I am so furious about the current situation and fearful of the future that I feel I have to do more than complain so I find this exercise as therapy.

  I do not expect the reader to agree with my observations and ideas and am not insulted  [too much ] if they disagree vehemently but I feel better simply by organizing my thoughts in writing and making them available to others.

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