Tuesday, September 21, 2010


  There has been alot of news lately about the Tea Party due to some recent upsets.The big question is if these wins reflect a true support for the Tea party. or as I believe,simply a voter revolt against incumbency.Voters are upset with our current state of affairs and want to see a change in direction and naturally feel that a vote against the incumbent is the way to go. This voter attitude has given Tea party members an opportunity. This is not much different than Ross Perot challenging Bush Sr. when we had hugh voter discontent with the state of affairs then.We havent heard from the Perot factor since then and I cant even remember the name of the party he ran under.. The same will happen with the Tea Party.
  The Tea Party has a web site that lists their core beliefs and I suspect that most voters would support most of them in principal. The main beliefs being lower personal and corporate taxes,adherence to the constitution,and a mandatory balanced budget.In principal this sounds pretty good but their website does not have any proposals , no path to achieve these lofty goals. A mandatory balanced budget , possibly through a constitutional amendment , ties the hands of our government to respond to extemporaneous influences.
  While the lofty goals have beneficial outcomes, there is no roadmap of how to get there so this leaves the individual candidates free to expound their own ideas which often tend to be vague , radical, and poorly considered.There is no real leader of the party so it has more of a tendency to scatter off into often extreme directions.
  While I support their goals of reduced government and balanced budgets I do not see how they expect to do this.The tea party is just a normal reaction to voter frustration.After the mid terms we will likely see a move more towards the middle which will knock some of the wind out of their sails.The Tea party will last the afternoon but will not be a long term affair.

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